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Search Filtered by: Tumor Site = "Dermal"
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Chemical Name CASRN Exposure Route WOE Characterization Tumor Type Toxicity Value
Arsenic, Inorganic 7440-38-2 Oral A (Human carcinogen) (1986 guidelines)
Skin cancer 5 x 10 -5 per µg/L
Chloroprene 126-99-8 Inhalation Likely to be carcinogenic to humans (2005 guidelines)
alveolar/ bronchiolar adenoma or carcinoma hemangioma/ hemangiosarcoma (all organs) mammary gland adenocarcinoma, carcinoma, or adenoacanthoma forestomach squamous cell papilloma or carcinoma hepatocellular adenoma or carcinoma Harderian gland adenoma or carcinoma skin sarcoma and Zymbal's gland carcinoma 3 x 10 -4 per µg/m3