Perfluorodecanoic Acid (PFDA)

A health assessment for this chemical is not available in the IRIS database. An assessment is currently under development by the IRIS Program. Key values will be displayed on this tab only after a final assessment becomes available. As an assessment under development, it is not part of the searchable IRIS collection that consists of finalized assessments only.

Program Outlook Details

Public Assessment Materials Date
Problem Formulation Materials/IRIS Assessment Plan N/A
Preliminary Assessment Materials/Systematic Review Protocol Nov-2019
Public Comment Apr-2023
External Peer Review Jul-2023
Post Final Assessment TBD

Note: Any future dates displayed in the table above should be considered estimates and are subject to change. Once the external peer review is complete, estimated dates for release of the final assessment will be published. For the latest information on the status of this assessment, please refer to the IRIS Program Outlook. To access assessment documents, meeting materials or other supporting documents related to this assessment, visit the Chemical Documents tab. For more information about the development process, visit the IRIS Process page.

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