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IRIS Toxicological Review of Pentachlorophenol (Final Report)

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EPA has finalized the Toxicological Review of Pentachlorophenol: in support of the Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS). Now final, this assessment may be used by EPA’s program and regional offices to inform decisions to protect human health.


U.S. EPA. IRIS Toxicological Review of Pentachlorophenol (Final Report). U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/635/R-09/004F, 2010.

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Pentachlorophenol is a wood preservative used to prevent decay from fungal organisms and insect damage. Use by the public was restricted in 1984, and application was limited to industrial areas. It has been reported in food, surface water, groundwater, rainwater, and soil. People who work or reside in close proximity to wood treatment facilities, treated lumber, or hazardous waste sites are likely exposed.

This assessment contains a revised oral reference dose (RfD) for chronic noncancer health effects as well as a revised oral cancer risk estimate.


Date Description
01- Jan 1987 EPA posted the pentachlorophenol assessment on the IRIS database (RfD only).
02- Mar 1991 EPA posted the carcinogenicity assessment for oral exposure to pentachlorophenol on the IRIS database.
03- May 2009 EPA released the external review draft report for public review and comment.
04- Jun 2009 EPA announced a public listening session for the draft review report. [Fedral Register Notice Jun 9, 2009]
05- Jun 2009 EPA announced the external peer review meeting to be held August 4, 2009 in Arlington, VA. [Federal Register Notice Jun 29, 2009]
06- Oct 2009 EPA released the comments from the external review workshop and public comment period.
07- Jul 2010 EPA hosted an interagency science discussion on the review of the draft Toxicological Review of Pentachlorophenol .
08- Sep 2010 EPA released the final toxicological report and IRIS Summary for Pentachlorophenol, and the interagency science discussion review draft with comments.

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